Clare Dawson

My journey into the world of real estate started as a 25 year old. Myself and my eighteen-month old twins, one on each hip walked into a job interview for a position at a real estate agency… I didn’t get the job. But, I did get an opportunity for an interview at another agency. Optimistic, I went to the interview without my mini sidekicks and it went terribly… I didn’t get the job. Luckily, I did get an opportunity for a second interview at the same agency. This time I was determined, I went in and I was offered a traineeship in sales. With a very bruised ego, I worked diligently to gain knowledge and experience and five years later I was recognised as the top sales agent in Queensland at my franchise.

I absolutely love the beautiful relaxed coastal lifestyle that the Cooloola Coast and surrounds has to offer. I am so lucky to be able to connect people to this amazing lifestyle, we live in the most beautiful place in the world!

A well-executed marketing strategy will sell your property, my job is to make the whole process enjoyable and provide the care and support that is needed.

Mel Hill

Peaking in my teenage years with a number of mathematics awards, I was and still am someone who knows my way around the numbers. Every seller, buyer, up sizer, down sizer, flipper and developer needs someone who can run the numbers and align the property listing, marketing plan and price with the ever changing property market.

The statistics, land value, yields, capital growth and market trends are the foundations for ensuring the correct strategy to sell your home with the best outcome in any property market.

Like most people, I love to maximise my value and return on investment. My job is to ensure a maximum return on investment for all the clients at Clare Estate Agents.

Shannan Kearney

Relocating to Tin Can Bay at the age of five until my pre-teen years, I was lucky enough to experience one of the very few places in Australia where you can hand feed wild dolphins on a daily basis. Growing up my childhood looked a lot like riding horses along the foreshore on the weekends, attending the local school, exploring the secret swimming holes between here and Rainbow Beach and making lifelong friends. I’ve seen this beautiful town develop and grow yet still maintain the peaceful serenity the Bay is famous for to this day!

As I stepped out into the big wide world to see where my path would lead me, I found a passion in hospitality. I met new people from all walks of life and developed excellent communication skills and building natural rapport with everyone and anyone I crossed paths with came so easily to me. Opportunities led me to the Gold Coast where I first explored the possibility of a career in Real Estate.

After a short stint exploring city life, I returned to the Bay, to enjoy the next chapter of my life becoming a mum of two beautiful girls. Tin Can Bay is the only place that ever felt like home and I wanted to raise my girls and have them experience a similar upbringing to myself. I feel so fortunate to be raising my girls and working in this beautiful town.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Clare Estate Agents and I am excited to meet new faces, share my knowledge of the Bay and help assist with finding the perfect home for you all whilst I pursue my passion for Real Estate.

Audrey Collings

My teen years have been unconventional to say the least, my family have been living on a wooden boat for nearly 4 years and we officially made the move when we got stuck in this amazing town during lock down. We spent our lockdown learning how to drive boats, build them, fix leaks, how to sand and epoxy and how to have fun without much. During this time, we also started home-schooling our main assessment was ‘learning through life’ and our units were based off our interests with mine mainly being musicals I fell absolutely in love with them, and I plan to spend my future seeing as many shows as possible!
I look forward to getting to know everyone and to make your experience with Clare Estate Agents as smooth as possible.


Voted by unanimous decision as the goodest boy in the office Carl has a passion for people, walks and cheese. When Carl is not busy in his customer service role you can find him next door at the local coffee shop or curled up in bed with a toy.


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